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Rug Repair

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At Custom Rug Company, we pride ourselves on being able to repair many of our customers' most valuable and treasured rugs. Although there are limits to any rug repair, in many cases, we can repair damage by re-tufting snagged yarns, trimming frayed areas, replacing fringe, cutting out damaged areas, and rebinding or re-serging decorative rugs. We can often repair water-damaged wool rugs, and we offer in-house cleaning of area rugs. We also specialize in cutting down machine-woven rugs to smaller sizes while maintaining symmetry.

This 17' x 23' custom Karastan rug was cut down
                  symmetrically to half its original sizeExtensive water damage was repaired in this
                  antique rugThere are two
                  criss-crossing invisible seams in this cut down rug

Repair Options and Pricing

All repair options and prices are dependent on the extent of the damage and the current condition of the rug. If we can't repair it, we'll tell you, and of course, there's no charge for our inspection. Cleaning prices depend on rug size and material. Please email us, click here, or call us for more information or a cleaning estimate.


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