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Logo rugs give you or your business an opportunity to capture the attention of others as soon as they walk in your door. Personalized logo rugs can be created to reflect hobbies or interests, stylized names, and fun graphics. Kids love a rug for their room with their name and a design of their making. We can even turn Crayon™ drawings into rugs.

Intricate logo rug for 158th Regiment of Arizona
                  National GuardCustom rug for
                  office lobby in Empire State BuildingCustom
                  inlaid and carved Texas Tech University door matSouthwest
                  "goat" to be inlaid in reception areaRolls Royce logo

Businesses love to make their name or logo the first thing customers see when they enter a doorway. Logo rugs can be made any size, including large rugs for foyer applications. We can even make logo rugs for corporate aircraft, RVs, or automobiles. Logo rugs are another way to get your business name before your customers or simply to show your corporate pride.

Intricate door mat for Atlantic Billing
                    AssociatesMat for Fleet Reserve
                    Association, Yokosuka JapanInlaid monograms

As with borders and inlays, the seams between differing colors of plush carpet are typically beveled for a nice three-dimensional effect with more definition in the design. Logo rugs made from commercial or cut pile (short nap) carpets are not typically beveled.

Inlaid logo in
                      Coronado High School locker roomLogo rug for
                      Cingular Wireless

NOTE: Some logos and logotypes are of a level of intricacy that precludes hand inlay. Because each letter is a separately inlaid element, logos with a great deal of lettering can also be prohibitively expensive. If we feel we can't manufacture your logo rug for a reasonable cost using our hand-inlay process, we'll be happy to recommend a manufacturer that uses a less expensive process as an alternative.

Logo Options

Logotypes, or stylized business names, can be created in any color and texture on any background. Rugs are backed with no-slip latex backing and bound with polyester mesh tape. All carpets are stain-resistent. All we need is a business card, letterhead, or computer graphic with your company's logotype or name on it.
Graphic logos can also be recreated in rug or wallhanging form for display in your business. We can take your logo in any full-color format and turn it into a rug of virtually any size.
Intricate logos or logos with lots of lettering may be prohibitively expensive to manufacture using our hand-inlay process. If so, we'll recommend alternative manufacturers that may be able to help with a more affordable option.


All logo rugs are priced based on size and complexity of the graphic. Please email us a logo or design idea or click here for a quote.



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