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Edge Treatments

Edge Treatments
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The edges of custom rugs can be treated with several attractive options, including cotton fringe, polyester mesh, cotton or canvas binding, cotton serge tape, or fabric border.

Edge Treatment Options

10584.jpg (2931 bytes)Cotton Fringe comes in many styles and colors.
binding.jpg (14908
                        bytes)Polyester Mesh and Cotton or Canvas Binding come in hundreds of colors, are pressure-dyed to resist fading, and are stain-resistant.
crcSergingTape.jpg (14291 bytes)Cotton Serge Tape is an inexpensive and durable alternative to traditional whip-stitched yarn serging. It, too, resists fading and stains.
Rugs can be
                        bordered with tapestry or upholstery grade
                        fabricFabric borders are made using custom tapestry or upholstery fabrics and wrapped around the rug edges to make borders of various widths. 1-1/2" canvas binding is popular on sisal rugs.


All Edge Treatments are priced by the linear foot, with a setup charge for Serge Tape. For fabric borders, the customer typically provides their own tapestry or upholstery-grade fabric. Please email us, click here, or call us at (806)793-7847 for more information.



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