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Carpet cove is a durable, cost-effective, and attractive alternative to traditional vinyl or rubber cove base, where walls meet carpeted floors. Carpet cove is typically used in more high-end applications such as hotel meeting rooms and suites, churches, educational institutions, and other places where an upgrade to typical wall-to-floor treatment is desired. Durable cut-pile carpet cove is resistant to vacuum and chair leg scuffs It is competitively priced and can be installed using staples, adhesive, or self-adhesive backing. We can accept shipment of carpet on 12-foot rolls and turn it into 3", 4", or 5" strips with attractive polyester mesh binding on the top edge. We then roll the strips in your specified lengths, and ship them in boxes.

Carpet cove provides a great alternative to
                  rubber cove base

Carpet chair rail is another application for commercial space. The strips are typically larger than cove base (6" or larger) and are bound on both edges. The strips are installed in the same ways as carpet cove. Carpet chair rail is typically used in office space and in meeting facilities, where chair backs might mar walls.

Carpet Cove and Chair Rail Options

Carpet cove is traditionally manufactured from the same material as is on the floor. Commercial, or cut pile carpet, works best. It usually comes in 4" strips, but is available in any width from 2" up.
Carpet chair rail can be manufactured from any carpet, regardless of what's on the floor. However, commercial, or cut-pile, carpet with a pattern or print is most attractive. Strips can be manufactured to any width.
Contractors, email, click here, or call us with your specs before bidding your carpet installation, and we can give you a competitive price and quick turnaround.


Carpet cove and chair rail are priced by the linear foot, depending on width and volume. Please contact us for more information.


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