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Adding borders or inlaid designs and patterns to your rug gives it that truly custom-made feel. We can create borders of any shape or size out of any material you desire. You can also have as many borders in as many different colors as you wish. We often match border material to wallpaper, bedding, draperies, and many other objects of home decor.

3-color inlay with carvingPrint rug with solid borderGame
                  table rug with inlays and carvingCustom
                  border rug with inlaid "teardrops"Multicolor rug
                  for apartment leasing center

Inlay is a process whereby colored carpet material is "cut in" with a background color to create a custom design. Inlays range from simple geometric designs to landscapes to business or other logos. Inlay is where the art in custom rugs really shows. For more information on logo rugs, click here.

                    rug inlaid to match wallpaper borderCherry
                    print rug with denim borderCustom rug with contrasting textures and inlaid
                    horseshoesInlaid solid bows
                    with carved details

The seams between differing colors or textures in border, inlay, or logo rugs are hand-beveled for a three-dimensional look. A similar process called carving is used to create a three-dimensional design in one-color rugs. Often, customers select a carved border in place of a contrasting color carpet.

Ranch house rug
                    with inlaid brand in cornerCustom inlaid rug with carving and bevellingThick pile freise
                    border rugCustom fit dining
                    room rug with border

Border and Inlay Options

Single or multiple borders involve the addition of concentric borders in complementary or contrasting colors and textures. Often, very different textures are incorporated to create a truly unique effect.
Fabric borders involve the use of tapestry or upholstery fabric to create an attractive border. Usually, this effect is applied to cut pile (short nap) or natural fiber rugs. For more info on fabric borders, click here.
Custom inlay can be used for simple design applications, like shapes or asymetric borders, or it can be used to create complex graphics, like portraits or landscapes, in either rug or wallhanging formats.
Hand-carved borders can be created in plush, level carpets for a three-dimensional look. The options for hand-carving are limitless.


Borders are priced by the linear foot, and multiple borders are progressively less expensive than the first. Material costs can vary substatially. Pricing for custom inlay and hand-carving is based on size and complexity. Email us your graphic or click here for a quote. We also have in-house design capabilities, so, if you can dream it, we can make it into a rug.



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